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Individuals facing removal – also known as deportation – from the United States require immediate assistance from a knowledgeable removal defense lawyer. Choosing an experienced attorney to represent you in immigration court is crucial to protecting your rights. With a lawyer, you can better preserve any forms of relief that may be available to you.

Contact our Chicago immigration lawyers at Borjas Law Group if you or a loved one is facing deportation from the United States. Our team can assist you in all matters related to removal defense in immigration court. Though our firm is based in downtown Chicago, we are available to represent individuals in immigration court throughout the United States.

Give us a call at (312) 698-9066 or complete our online contact form to get started with a consultation with one of our experienced removal defense lawyers.

Understanding Common Grounds for Removal

There are several grounds for deportation of non-citizens in the U.S., as set by the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

Some common reasons for deportation include:

  • Criminal convictions
  • Falsification of immigration documents
  • Violations of immigration status, including entering illegally

Removal Due to Criminal Convictions

Not all criminal convictions lead to removal. Certain crimes, such as domestic violence or drug smuggling, can lead to deportation proceedings. Severe crimes like terrorist activity will almost certainly lead to removal.

Immigration Fraud and Deportation

Lying on a green card or other immigration application is another common reason for removal from the United States. False marriages to enter the country are one well-known example of immigration fraud. Additionally, you can be deported if you falsely claim you are a U.S. citizen for benefits.

Immigration Status Violations

Immigration laws cover a number of other situations that make an immigrant eligible for removal. Entering the country illegally is one common example of an immigration status violations.

Other examples include:

  • Illegal voting
  • Overstaying a visa
  • Failing to maintain current status
  • Accepting public assistance while on a green card
  • Failing to notify USCIS when changing address or status
  • Taking a job when not on a visa that permits work

Protect Your Rights & Secure Your Future

Retaining the right law firm can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. At Borjas Law Group, LLC., our deportation defense attorneys in Chicago have extensive experience representing clients in the immigration court system.

Even if there is a final order of removal against you, you may still qualify to stop your removal. Our team has the experience and knowledge to assist you in removal proceedings. We will fight for your ability to remain in the U.S.

Our Chicago deportation defense lawyers handle all types of immigration cases, such as:

  • Bond hearings
  • Cancellation of removal for permanent and non-permanent residents
  • Adjustment of status to permanent resident (“green card”)
  • Waivers of grounds of inadmissibility and removability including certain crimes and fraud/misrepresentation
  • Asylum, withholding of removal, and protection under the UN Convention Against Torture (CAT)
  • Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence
  • Motions to Reopen, Reconsider, and Remand
  • Prosecutorial Discretion and Administrative Closure
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
  • U visas for victims of certain crimes
  • Appeals and Motions with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)
  • Appeals in Federal Courts
  • Stays of Removal (Deportation)

Why Choose Borjas Law Group for Your Deportation Defense

When facing deportation, it's crucial to have a knowledgeable and experienced legal team on your side. At Borjas Law Group, our deportation defense attorneys have a proven track record of successfully representing clients nationwide. We understand the complexities of immigration law and will work tirelessly to protect your rights and secure your future in the United States.

Here are a few reasons to choose Borjas Law Group for your deportation defense:

  • Expertise in common grounds for removal, including criminal convictions, immigration fraud, and immigration status violations
  • A commitment to fighting for the rights of individuals facing deportation
  • A personalized approach to each case, ensuring that every client receives dedicated attention and strategic legal representation
  • A history of successful outcomes for clients in similar situations

Let Borjas Law Group, LLC Fight for You

Learn more about our committed and personable approach directly from our clients’ reviews and testimonials. Borjas Law Group, LLC. is prepared to stand by as your personal deportation defense team if you are facing removal.

We offer consultations – schedule yours to discuss your deportation case today. Contact our Chicago immigration law firm at (312) 698-9066.

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